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Tepi - Serpentine stone

Tepi - Serpentine stone

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Beautifully designed Stone blow applicator pipe – Tepi.

They are all exquisitely hand carved from Serpentine stone, which is sourced near sacred Peruvian site of Machu Picchu.

Available in powerful animal totems of the Andean Inca Trilogy: represented by these 3 animals – Condor, Puma & Snake.

All 3 animal totems are combined together on 1 Tepi pipe. The main pipe has a snake intertwined, followed by the head of the Puma, and then Condor head blows at the end. Very powerful stuff!

  • Condor – God of Peace – represents the Sky and Soul, and our connection to the Spirit realm. It allows the Condor to fly to the heavens to deliver messages to God – the bridge between Heaven and Earth.
  • Puma – God of Strength – represents the Earth and Body, and our connection with the Physical realm. Also, our connection to mother earth and this physical 3D reality. Symbol of strength and the power of Love.
  • Snake – God of Wisdom – represents the Underworld and Mind, and our connection with the Internal realm. Also, our connection with the circle of life, as the Snake sheds it skin, and is re-born once again. Symbol of Wisdom, Rebirth, Knowledge and higher teachings.

All lovingly handmade in the Sacred Valley of Peru. The weight is approx. 70 grams. The length is approx. 17cm – 20cm.